2013 Alumni

A directory of alumni from the sections offered in 2013 follows. Note that not all 2013 alumni are listed. If you are a 2013 alum and would like to add or update your information, please complete this form. We will use the information you provide to update this page twice a year in January and July.

Lydell Anderson (web)
Steve Anderson (web)
Anthony D. Baker (email)
Reuben Barrett (email)
Brian Berg (email) (web)
Anna Brock
Kendall Brown (email)
Susan Brozek Scott (web)
Mariann Burright (email)
Michael Charlton (email) (web)
Mark Clemente (email)
Vanessa Crockett
Larry Dutt (email) (web)
Jaime Marie Estrada (email) (web)
Wendy Everette (email) (web)
John Eye (email) (web)
Daniel Foster (email) (web)
Annette Feldman (email)
Nicholas Fillhart (email)
Robert Fleming (email)
Lilian Franca
Patricia Gerard (web)
Art Ghazaryan (web)
Millie Gonzalez
Joanne Gray (email) (web)
Mark Hanson (email)
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young
Claudia Holland (email)
Jasmine Hood (email) (web)
Zakir Hossain (web)
Irfan Javed (email)
Jim Jennings (email)
Naveen Kumar (email)
Emma Linklater (web)
Fred Logue (email) (web)
Gita Manaktala (email)
Mary Matuszak (email)
Deseree McFarlane (email) (web)
Valerio Meletti (web)
Rebecca Mercuri (email) (web)
Berry B. Mitchell (email)
Jay Moran (email) (web)
Lukasz Mroz (email)
Tanvee Nandan (email)
Carrie Nelson (email)
Nele Noppe (email) (web)
Chinedu Cordelia Okpaleke (email)
Grace Peng (web)
Cristiana Petru-Stefanescu (email)
Robert Raghunath (email)
Jen Rajchel
Skye Regan (email) (web)
Emily Rehm (web)
Christine Rehm
Diane Rielinger (email)
Priyadarshi Rishiraj
Khaled Saifullah
Andrea Scarpone (web)
Sonam Singh
Sarah Smith (web)
Richard Solomon (email)
Roxanne Spencer
Stephanie Stephens
Yuanji Sun (email)
Chanita D. Taylor (email) (web)
George Thuronyi (email) (web)
Eric Thurston
Massimiliano Trovato (email) (web)
Emilio Velis (web)
Margaret Waters
Christopher Weeg (email)
Harry Williams (email)
MaƂgorzata Wojtysiak (email)
Steve Worona (email) (web)
Julian Everly Shervington Wright (email) (web)

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