Roku Netflix box

On an impulse, and very uncharacteristically, I bought a Roku Netflix box, which should arrive next week, although they are experiencing shipping delays because of the volume of initial orders.  The little $100 set-top box connects to your television and out to Netflix via an Internet connection, either wired or wireless.  It uses the Netflix website as its interface (smart!) and lets you watch their back-catalog of, currently, 10,000 movies and TV shows.  It’s not HD but will be Real Soon Now via software upgrade.  For me, the combination of low price (no subscription fees beyond what I already pay in a Netflix subscription), no limits on the number of movies we can watch, and the idea of a small single purpose box was enough for me to want to try it out.  We currently have no cable or satellite TV; only broadcast HD, which I’ve found to be adequate, and of amazingly high quality.  I mean, TV basically sucks anyway.  This box might justify my Neflix subscription.