death to twiki! long live nextwiki!!

Via Matt Asay, an interesting IRC chat by the Twiki community (the TWiki Community Council) leading up to a fork in the project and the creation of Nextwiki.  It’s like being at the Twicleration of Twikipendence, if England was a wiki.  I’ve used Twiki in the past; it’s been one of the most enterprise-friendly wikis around, and highly functional.

The Declaration of Fork

Here’s the “Statement of Fork,” really one of the best names for a web page that I can imagine:

As of October 27th 2008, ‘TWiki’ is no longer the same – it is now commercial open source. The people that have driven TWiki development for the past decade feel the time has come to do so under a different name.

The new project, promises new features that have been long-awaited while maintaining a clear upgrade path for existing installations. The name is as of yet undecided, nextwiki, twikifork and notwiki are just placeholders.

The new project will be a true open-source project, not only in the sense that source code will be published under the GPL license, but aiming at a democratic governance free of commercial influence and trademark issues.

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