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I was playing around with the Flash Jester netchecker today and seeing if I could get it to work with a screensaver. The net checker is an independent executable file that you call from within the Flash movie with and FS Command to see if your user is online. It works fine with stand alone swf files, but so far not within a screensaver. The screensaver can’t seem to find the executable file, even when installed with the screensaver package.

So I have had to resort to my simple load variables from a text file on a server. If the variables load, then it means the user is online, otherwise they are not. This is fine, except that I don’t officially know how long it takes to load those variables in. I set up an extra period of time for the variables to load as a precaution, however, it might take longer depending on connection speed. If the user is online, my net checker might not always work–that’s the problem with my little system. I think it will work on the vast majority of systems though. I just want something that is more precise. The NetChecker can be found at www.flashjester.com.

Suggestions are appreciated…


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  1. free directory

    May 23, 2007 @ 12:55 am


    I don’t know also how long it takes to load those variables.

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