Summer Fun

This summer has been pretty busy, and I have been having lots of fun. I’ve been biking up a storm, including several 80 mile bike rides. I also finished two more classes, and now I have three left. I moved to an awesome new apartment with cheaper rent and also redesigned two web sites. My volunteer work with HRC continues, and I just love the fabulous people I get to meet all the time as a result.

I met Cyndi Lauper this summer… that was fun 🙂

HBS is going well, too. We are getting a new Director for our department, and I am sure I will be working on some more great projects once they come in. I am part of such a great team at HBS. I’m really proud of all my co-workers because we have all worked together for five years now, and we have just gotten so good at what we do. They have taught me so much. I am also gearing up to co-chair the Harvard ABCD Design Group.

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