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Resources From MIT Presentation


Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation from the meeting:


Here is a link to all the cfm files we created during the meeting:


Here are some links related to the presentation:

Adobe On Demand Seminars for DM8:


Harvard Course On Developing Web Database Applications:


There are some great resources on database design and normalization here:

Building your first CFM web app:


Adobe Login/Registration Tutorial:


MMBUG Presentation at MIT, 3/8/2006


I am really excited to be giving a talk this week for the MMBug group at MIT. I hope you can come!

Topic: Creating Database-Driven Websites with Dreamweaver
Speakers: Rebecca Dornin
Date: Wednesday, March 8
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Cost: Free
Where: MIT Stata Building
AKA Building 32, on this map:
Room 32-124

Topics included will be:

1) How to connect to a database easily
2) How to insert, update, and delete items from a database easily
3) How to create logins easily
4) How to show query results on a web page
5) How to do all of these easily using cfm, php, or jsp

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