Such a goo’ boy!

My husband and I went up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine for a long weekend this past weekend. We were staying with another couple that rents a condo every year. Of course, the big question was “what do we do with the cats?” My sweet mother-in-law offered to take them but there was no way I could do that to her so I just had her take the older one, Sneakers.

Our friends were nice enough to let us bring Frosty with us. Of course, we had NO idea how this was going to work out! Well, I always knew he was a “goo’ boy!” but he proved it to us all the more. On the ride up (which is about 1-1/2 hours plus a stop in NH), he laid in his cage with the door to it open and stayed there all the way to NH. When we left NH, I let him lay on my lap and he stayed there so nice! I couldn’t believe he didn’t sleep at all!

When we got to the condo, he spent some time sniffing the place out. Our friends were kind enough to allow him to have the run of the place the entire time (I’d bought a BIG carrier for him to sleep in, etc) so we decided it would be best if we slept on the lower level while they slept on the third floor so if he should go into one of his meowing fits, they’d still sleep. Although there was NOTHING keeping him from roaming up to their room , he stayed downstairs with us all night!

The ride home went just as smoothly only this time, we barely made the Maine Turnpike and he was sound asleep in his carrier! He must have been exhausted from all the excitement of the weekend! When we got home, he went straight to the bay window and went to sleep in his favorite sunny spot!

He’s such a goo’ boy!!!!!!

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