It’s gotta be tough to get old

Our oldest cat, Sneakers, has really been showing signs of aging lately. She loves to lay on my lap when I’m on the couch but lately she’s been having a hard time even just jumping up. I will pick her up but even when I do that, you can see that she has pain inside.

Lately, she’s been having accidents around the house. This has been very stressful as we have new carpeting in nearly every room and, of course, the carpet is so much more comfortable, why would she have them on the tile or hardwood floors?

I feel badly for her too as Frosty still thinks she wants to be his friend and he insists on wrapping his paws around her neck and hanging on for dear life as she tries to run away. We’re convinced that he doesn’t realize that she does not want to play with him because he, of course, can not hear her hissing and growling at him! Fortunately, she is an outdoor cat so she’ll spend much of her day lounging on the lawn furniture.

This has been tough on me because Sneakers is “my” cat – she was a birthday gift from Brian some 16 years ago. We’ve lost another cat since we’ve been together (she was my first “real” pet, other than gold fish!) and that was very tough but she went very quickly so we didn’t have to watch her suffer.

Sneakers has had a good life. If it’s time for her to join her sister in kitty heaven, I hope that she, too, will go somewhat quickly. I just can’t stand to see her suffer!

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