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Some good news!

Well, my brother and sister-in-law received the news last week that the foster boy that has been staying with them since July will be staying on and hopefully permanently.  The courts have decided to cut all parental rights to his birth parents. 

The parents can still file an appeal but as they have not been paying their court appointed lawyers as it is, I don’t know who they think would represent them in an appeal.  It’s sad really, but these folks have problems and would not admit to them and kept telling the courts that they were okay and were good parents but the courts did not go for it.  In the end, they lose.

My brother and SIL will surely move to adopt the boy so let’s keep all fingers and toes crossed.  We’re a bit nervous about what his (birth) parents might do if they know where he is at so I’ll be keeping communications on here quite limited around it.  I’d love to post a picture, cause he is a handsome guy!  I just don’t know if that would be safe/smart right now so I probably won’t!

It’s going to be a long road ahead for all involved so any happy vibes you can send their way would be greatly appreciated!

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