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It is with mixed emotion…

…that I must inform you that we sold our house. Yes. 3+ weeks and we sold our house last night! I’m excited. I’m sad. I’m anxious. I’m nervous. Yup, mixed emotions for sure!

I’m excited for the people that are buying our house. It’s sounds like it’s a young, newly wed couple purchasing their first home and I’m sure they’re going to love it!

I’m sad because I do love my house. We’ve lived there just under six years but I am very, very attached to it.

I’m anxious because I have this strange feeling of being homeless. Of course, we’ll only sell pending our finding housing and the house we really, really like in North Reading is still available and we’re told that the buyers are “very motivated to sell”. We’re going back for a second look this afternoon.

Still, I’m nervous. My house is sold and I have nowhere to go.

What have we done????

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