The waiting…

… is painful. Very painful.

We put an offer in on the house Friday night. We went back and forth with the sellers all day Saturday, into Saturday night. We agreed on the price but we want the septic tank inspected (long story but the current Title V expires the day AFTER we’re supposed to close so by law, the sellers do not have to have it done). The seller does not want to tear up his lawn. These people have some beautiful plantings in their yard but their lawn is not grass. It is weeds. If all goes well (which it should, they’ve always maintained it) they won’t be there anyways. We finally came to the agreement that they’d have it done but would not be responsible for fixing the lawn where they have to dig. So we got a verbal agreement Saturday night and I was told last night that they signed the formal offer and I’ll have a copy at my house today.

Also at my house today will be our buyers inspection. I can’t imagine that anything is going to be so horribly wrong that they won’t want to buy it but my nerves are taking a real beating! Fortunately, the inspection is at 8:30 a.m. Hopefully, I’ll hear something by early afternoon although I’m told some buyers like to take the report home and think on it overnight. Let’s hope our buyers don’t want to do that.

Once we know how ours goes, we’ll have to schedule one for our new house. This is all very nerve wracking (albeit exciting)!

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