The waiting game

Yes, we continue to wait for final confirmation. The inspection at our house went well with the exception that the electricity went out on the entire street before they could finish so they had to come back the next day. The buyers stopped by over the weekend to check out the sprinkler system in action. The lawyers agreed on the Purchase & Sale and that was sent to their realtor Monday. It’s Wednesday. We’re still waiting…

They did the Title V inspection at the new house on Monday. Everything was fine. They tore up very little grass. The sellers were very relieved about that. We have the Purchase & Sale on that house ready to sign but we won’t do that until they sign the one on our house.

Our buyers have to sign by tomorrow but we were truly hoping that they would just do it early so everyone would know for sure but they haven’t. The waiting is really, really painful.

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2 Responses to “The waiting game”

  1. Molly Says:

    This is very exciting! I was away for a week and so much has happened. Keep us posted when the deal goes through. It sounds like things are moving along really well, but I know you’ll breathe easier when everything is on paper and agreed upon. (I remember when I bought my house… what a mess, so many mistakes and misguided decisions… but its all a learning experience. One learns as one goes).

  2. house sale Says:

    Your post gave me some things to think about. I will definitely be back.