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We’ve joined a “click”

At least I think that’s what they used to call them back in high school. I never cared much for “clicks”. Probably because I like everybody. Okay, not everybody. Almost everybody. I don’t like mean people. So I like most people. Which is probably why I don’t like “clicks”. Yet, we’ve managed to land right smack in the midst of one.

Its a “Corvette click” and its pretty hysterical! Our first weekend jaunt to NH had us driving up Route 1 in Hampton when another ‘vette came in our direction. The gentleman waved at us. A very simple wave. Envision – hand on wheel, lift your fingers in a “hey” gesture. “Isn’t that cute?” I said to Brian.

We took a cruise by some friends house last week so they could see our new toy (she also owns a one). En route, sure as heck – we passed a couple ‘vettes and, again, the “wave”. “Wow!” I said to her, “What’s up with the wave thing?” “Ahhhh… the wave! Yup! Its a ‘vette owner thing.”

Yesterday, we had her out again (we’re trying to come up with a name for “her” and have so far come up with The Silver Lady or MaryLou. What do you think?) We were to NH and back before another ‘vette approached. I got all anxious and sure as heck- the wave! I was giddy with excitement!

Okay, I’m a dork. Just ask the husband.

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