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Frosty Goes to the Vet

Sort of sounds like a children’s story book title, huh?

For the past month or so, we’ve noticed some “gunk” in the corner of Frosty’s eye. We had hoped that this would just stop on its own as our last experience bringing him to a vet was a very scary one. He did not react well to the shots and I actually ended up spending the night sleeping on the floor with him to make sure that he would be okay (could you picture me with children???)

We finally decided it was time (it wasn’t awful but we were concerned about the long term if we didn’t do something). When we put him in his carrier and into the car, he just settled right down and looked at us, as if to say “Cool! Where we going?”

Well, that attitude changed. Quickly. My sweet little, low key, human loving, cuddly bundle of fur turned into a ferocious animal. The vet’s assistant was able to put her hand in his carrier and pat him. Once.

When the vet himself arrived, Frosty looked at him as if to say “No way, no how”. He attempted to look at his eye and basically said to us “It doesn’t look like its anything more than a case of conjunctivitis, which we can treat with ointment. Problem is, how do you ever think you’re going to get that ointment into his eyes?” “No problem,” we said, “he’s just a sweet, cuddly little fur ball and he won’t give us any problem.” This is when the vet looked at us as if to say “Yeah, okay.”

As we went to leave, the receptionist was preparing the paperwork and medication to send us on our way with. She turned to the doctor and said “Does Frosty need a follow up?” I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word “No!” spew from a person’s mouth as quickly as it did his! I think he then realized that it wasn’t a very professional response as he followed up with “Unless it doesn’t improve.” (Yeah, we all knows he’s hoping beyond hope that it improves!)

Well, the good news is that we have put the ointment in only twice and his eye looks 98% better already. Just as I predicted, it is a very, very simple process for us. Brian holds him, I put the ointment in. I had expected that, once released, he would go run into a corner and lick away in every possible attempt to get the medicine out of his eye but, once again, that sweet little bundle of fur surprised me! As soon as Brian puts him down, he takes off down the hallway, galloping away like the horse that he thinks he is! He’s just so cute!

Now, aren’t you glad that I don’t have children??? Imagine the long, boring stories you’d have to sit through then!

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