I mentioned earlier that I decided to populate our yard with bird houses and bird feeders this year. I am having sooooo much fun with this!

Back in the fall, I found a Tomorrow’s Treasures Birdhouse at a local gift shop. These birdhouses are ridiculously expensive but I absolutely fell it love with it!


The tag tells the story of how they’re made from old Texas barn boards and that, because of the shortage of standing hardwood in the Northeast, you are almost guaranteed to have birds living in the house the first year. “Yeah, right!”, I said.

Well, surprise, surprise! I was outside one day and I saw what appeared to be a fur ball or a really big bug flying into the house then back into the greens. Back and forth. Back and forth. Later that day, as I was sitting on the deck, that same fur ball/big bug was flying at eye level at the flowers I have on the deck.


Imagine my surprise!?!?!? Its a hummingbird!


I have hummingbirds building a nest in my birdhouse! (If I sound really excited, its because I am!)

Initially, we named her Juliette. Now, I’m quite certain there are two of them, so we named the other… can you guess???… Yup! Romeo!

When I went to buy more bird food over the weekend, I came across finch socks. Not exactly attractive bird feeders but I figured, “Eh, I’ll give one a try!” So I hung one of these in the yard, too.


Voila! Last night, we had one of these feeding off the finch sock:


Did I mention I was having fun?!?!?!

Disclosure: with the exception of the bird house, these photos came from google. I’m just not that quick with my camera!

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5 Responses to “Birds”

  1. Ben Says:

    Do the cats enjoy it too? Mr. Jones really loves that nathan has a guinea pig now – hours of entertainment.

  2. curtincall Says:

    I don’t think they actually notice the birds. The sliders on the downstairs level are at ground level and they sit for hours on end watching Juan (the bunny I posted about earlier) and the chipmunks. I’m pretty sure the chipmunks know they make them crazy! LOL!

  3. Curtin Call » Birdhouse Says:

    […] Back in July, I had told you about the birds/birdhouses in our yard. In particular, I told you about the Tomorrow’s Treasures Birdhouse and how happy I was that I actually had hummingbirds using that particular birdhouse. […]

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