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You may or may not know this about me but I am a shoe fanatic. I love shoes. Sneakers. Flip-flops. Dressy. Casual. Goofy. Does not matter. I love them all!

However, the “frugal” side of me prevents me from spending a lot of money on shoes. My thinking goes something like this… if I spend A LOT of money on shoes, I’d probably only purchase a couple pairs a year. However, if I bargain shop, then I can easily justify buying lots and lots of pairs in a year!

So, at that, I’ve have always, always, always wanted a pair of these from L.L. B3an:


The only problem is that they cost $74. Out of my price range for shoes. So, my MIL and I did some other shopping at L.L. B3an and we each got a $10 coupon off a future purchase. Soooo…. I suggested to Brian that I could buy those for myself – for just $54 – and they could be one of my Christmas gifts!!!! Aren’t I soooo good to help him out, seeings as how he hates to shop!?!?!?!

So… yesterday, I headed back to L.L. B3an to return what I’d originally purchased (when I got the $10 coupon to begin with – you still with me???) So, of course, the lure of the shoe department was just too much and I was immediately drawn and, guess what!?!?!?! You ready for this??? L.L. B3an was having a sale!!!!!!!

So, I got these:


Also, $74 shoes. ‘Course, by now, you know I didn’t pay $74 for them but are you ready for this???? Are you sitting down???? $17.99! No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I got $74 L.L. B3an shoes for $17.99!!!!! Woohoo!

I left that store yesterday, not only with another brand new pair of L.L. B3an shoes but… I had more money in my wallet when I left than when I went in.

Can you say “woohoo”!?!?!?!?!

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