The Instructor Blog Begins

Throughout this course the instructors will be keeping a blog that highlights some of the highlights of the course. Amazingly, even without the course beginning, I have some great highlights to report.

First, long before the end of registration, both the Law School and Extension School sections of the course have filled completely. We only wish we had a way to know how many people are considering participating in some way in the online environment. That is almost certainly due in part to our trailer video (available on the front page of this site, hosted on BlipTV, and also on where it was posted by the author of the IvyGate blog). The trailer is primarily the work of Dean Jansen (who filmed and edited), Rodica Buzescu (who did SL design animation of our mouths), and Tao Takashi (who was the machinimist for the project). It has been viewed thousands of times already!

Other attention has come our way through the traditional media. Andrea L. Foster of the The Chronicle of Higher Education ran a piece about the course as did the Boston Phoenix via reporter Kate Cohen. We’ve also been linked from the blogs of many interesting folks and some other news bits are in the pipeline. We hope we can meet and surpass the expectations and doubts.

This weekend we’re doing our last minute preparation for the first week of class next week. If you watch the site closely you’ll see it growing and changing. I’ll sign off for now to get back to it!

–Rebecca Nesson

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  1. LaRhesa

    September 13, 2006 @ 11:27 pm


    Thanks for braving this new world! I can only imagine how surreal this must seem to construct from an instructor’s point of view. We are so used to being in control and having things sort of buttoned-up. This is exactly why I’m interested in the course; to see how it grows, how the participants shape the class, how the instructors adapt to the mixed media. I also think it is wonderful to see a father-daughter team. Don’t know if this is something you are used to doing, but even the dynamics of that must be interesting.

    I think I’m technologically inept and the multi sources of information are also a bit to get a handle on, but what a great experiment. Am glad to be part of the process. Sincerely, LaRhesa Pollock

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