Andy Knopp’s podcast advocating for Harvard-sponsored Wiki space

After learning how to use Wiki’s effectively in my Cyberlaw class, I wanted to create one for my intramural basketball league so that people could view the schedule of games, interact with other team captains, and make changes when necessary. I learned that Harvard does not provide wiki space for general student use. In this podcast, I argue that the University should provide that service. Download the MP3.

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  1. jkrop

    November 28, 2006 @ 12:38 pm


    Hi Andy,

    Your podcast grabbed me immediately with your initial analogy. Evoking the image of stormy seas and wind-torn sails definitely helps to make the subject of wikis a little sexier (for those who don’t already find it so). Also, you do a good job of presenting arguments for the other side. On the technical front, I thought the podcast could use a little cleaning up, but hey, so could mine. I also thought you might want to put a little more emotion into your voice – the ability to communicate through emphasis and vocal timbre is one of the main differences between speaking and writing, and it could add power to your arguments to exploit this ability. All in all, I felt it was a powerful, well-structured set of arguments. Nice one!


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