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  1. rebeccanesson

    November 16, 2006 @ 8:01 am


    Nice work on this podcast. You speak in a very clear and authoritative tone that makes it easy to listen to you and to trust you. I like that your podcast does not actually try to advocate either for adding voice or not adding voice. You spend your time on the empathic, that is, extremely fair to both sides, statement of the issue.

    I think that there are some aspects of the issue that you might consider including in your discussion more prominently. First, I think one of the biggest objections people have to adding voice is that those who use voice will become impatient with those who are not using it–perhaps b/c they are in a library or at work, or they just don’t want to, or they are protecting their identity. That would result in a sort of discrimination against the typers in that they might be excluded from conversations because they can’t keep up or because the voice users would not bother to look at the chat bubbles. Second, and this one cuts both ways, I think there are more reasons than just hiding gender that people might not want to reveal their real voice. People may simply prefer the privacy, may be projecting a different age than their RL age, have a heavy accent that would be hard to understand, be in a loud place or somewhere where they prefer the background noise not to be heard, or just not like the way their voice sounds. It may be that this would still result in a stigma for those who use synthesized voice or choose not to use voice, but it is not so clear to me that people will assume that the synthesized voice is necessarily to cover up their RL sex.

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