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This is one aspect of the argument our group is developing for the group project. Making a podcast is fun! Reminded me of messing with the tape recorder in high school.

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  1. rebeccanesson

    November 16, 2006 @ 10:16 am


    Great job Yvette. I like that you use a hook at the beginning of the podcast. It is very important to get people interested so that they will keep listening, and I think your beginning does that and also strongly makes the point about how difficult it could be for some people to use it. You also empathize with the people who want voice added in a way that makes it clear that you understand the issues from their point of view.

    It seems that the upshot of the argument is that there is potential for some people to be excluded by the text environment and for others to be excluded by the voice environment. It makes a strong case for some kind of hybrid. However, I do not get from your podcast a clear reason why the solution should privilege text over voice, as your suggested solution does. What is the reason to have text as a default and voice in segregated areas? Why not have voice as a default and text in segregated areas? Why not have both as the default and then have some areas of voice only and some areas of text only? I am sure you have reasons that support your solution and with a few more minutes of air time you could give them to us.

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