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  1. rebeccanesson

    November 16, 2006 @ 7:21 am


    Good job empathizing with Linden Labs! Your explanation of what makes Linden Labs special is right on and you made me feel as a listener as if–assuming I were a Linden–you were on my side and talking to me to give me advice that I would want to hear. You also do a great job of narrowing down the issue to something concrete and giving some concrete suggestions as to what Linden Labs could do.

    My main question, speaking as a Linden listening to this, is whether I really have anything to be worried about. I can see why it would be nice for people to have the things you suggest. But right now individuals and companies are joining Second Life at a very rapid pace even under the current Terms of Service. If people are willing to do it now, what is going to change? (My two cents? Just wait until one high profile thing goes wrong with one resident–and that will happen at some point–and they’ll have a serious problem with all the residents. Right now there may not be any viable alternative to Second Life, but if they wait too long to make these changes and then have a high-profile dispute they may find that people actually have a viable alternative available.)

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