Mark Dulcey’s podcast — virtual property rights

We’re planning a project on the question of property rights in Second Life.

The actual narrative part of the podcast is about 2:20. The total podcast is longer because it contains other content: identification for purposes of the assignment, and music attribution.

Download the podcast.

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  1. rebeccanesson

    November 16, 2006 @ 9:08 am


    Your podcast is very informative, well-produced, and pleasant to listen to. The first time I heard it, I wasn’t sure where the empathic argument was in it. But now I think it is there. This podcast speaks directly to an audience of people who are interested in Second Life, either because they are residents or considering becoming residents, but who are unlikely to take the time to read through the ToS or do something about it on their own. You address this by giving them the information they should be interested in, but doing it in a way that is concise and interesting. I think you could make an extremely persuasive piece of audio if you added a couple of things. (Which was impossible in the constraints of the 2.5 min podcast, but you could do it for the final project if you like.) It would be cool to hear the Bragg story and also to hear another story of property loss, perhaps like Chinadoll Lulu’s story of the mistakenly deleted space station, as a way of getting people to feel like this does concern them. Then the information you provide. And ideally a call to action of some sort at the end that tells people what they can/should do about it. (It seems to me that there are both ways to try to persuade LL to change the policies and also some practices that people can use to try to protect themselves as much as possible under the current system, like making sure to transfer their assets out of Linden dollars as frequently as possible rather than retaining a big L$ balance.)

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