On logging our SL class meetings


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  1. Rebecca

    November 26, 2007 @ 5:09 pm


    Hi Ysiad,

    Great work on this. It almost provides a whole outline of how your final paper argument could go. You motivate the problem well, empathizing with the students and their sense of being challenged by not having a logging system. You also address the concerns of those who might not want a logging system implemented and even propose solutions to some of the possible problems with it.

    One thing I’d like you to consider is whether the logging system you envision would be useful in SL classes in general or just in this one. (Let’s say, for instance, that a teacher doesn’t want to require attendance at the meetings but still wants students to have an incentive to come.) Also, even more broadly, how might such a logging system be used more broadly for other types of SL events. The more widely useful you can make your system, the better.

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