Milan Dawg

Government, disputes, and Metaverse Republic.


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  1. Rebecca

    November 26, 2007 @ 4:23 pm


    Hi Milan,

    Nice work on this podcast. You do a good job setting up the problem — that there are disputes all the time in Second Life — and suggesting several strategies that are currently used to deal with these disputes. You also point out the problems with these strategies. This motivates your solution: an internal legal system such as the Metaverse Republic.

    I see in this argument the empathy with those who suffer with SL disputes and are frustrated by their lack of appropriate means to address them. There are other stakeholders whose opinions/needs must also be taken into account if the Metaverse Republic is your proposed solution. The Metaverse Republic proposal has a lot of implications in terms of the civic responsibility of SL residents in order to be well-represented by it, also in terms of the autonomy of land owners who sign on to it. In addition, there is a question of whether most people would prefer a system with lawyers and judges that mirrors the American legal system or whether they would like something else.

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