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  1. Rebecca

    November 26, 2007 @ 6:04 pm


    Hi Rhonda,

    Your podcast is more of a statement of the topic of your paper than an empathic argument about the question that your paper is going to answer. The idea for the podcast (and for the basis of your paper) is to consider the question that you want to answer in your paper and think about (or research) the points of view of the different people who will be affected by the answer/resolution to this question. Then you want to state the question or problem in a way that makes all of these stakeholders understand that you understand their points of view and concerns about the resolution of the question. That is the base that you need with those you are trying to persuade in order to get them to be willing to listen to your arguments for your particular solution.

    If you’d like to give this podcast another try, I’ll be happy to listen and comment again. (You may want to review the lecture on empathic argument if you still aren’t clear on what I mean by that term.)

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