Virtual World Security and Privacy – Steve Jeffries (LaPointe)

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  1. Rebecca

    November 26, 2007 @ 4:02 pm



    Great work on this podcast. The issue you explore — the need for data security and privacy in order for serious uses of virtual worlds to move forward — is an interesting and deep one. You raise the concerns of stakeholders on both sides, making it clear that implementing such measures can be costly for the developers of the VW technology as well. I think another category of stakeholders you might consider are non-business users who might be negatively impacted by stronger security or privacy measures, perhaps because those measures , depending on how they are implemented, might result in users having to reveal more personal information to the VW company. Whatever implementation is chosen, the impact on the category of casual/entertainment users should be addressed.

    In terms of being persuasive, I think your set up would work better if you gave some concrete examples or situations in which the problem arises. Perhaps find a real scenario or imagine one in which a particular business would be impacted by the lack of the technology that you are describing.

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