Zizi Preez – Makazi Mtingwa – Empathic Argument

This empathic argument is advocating the constructive and educational use of Virtual Worlds using Second Life.

The Kingdom of Dreams – World History Museum will be a place where Second Life residents and new Second Life users can study their history, discuss current issues, and use what they study in their real world. How to build this space, attract residents and new users, and give an enlightening and exciting experience will be examined.

The following is the audio for the empathic argument:

The Kingdom of Dreams – Empathic Argument

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  1. Rebecca

    November 26, 2007 @ 4:30 pm


    Hi Zizi,

    Very good work on this podcast. You raise the issue that most activity in Second Life is directed towards simple entertainment and partying rather than educational activity or developing real-world connections. You point out that many of the educational offerings in Second Life have few visitors and are not very engaging. You empathize with the desire of VW users to spend their time in virtual worlds having fun rather than doing something that feels more like work. This leads you to propose a new educational location in SL that will attract users by being fun and entertaining while also being educational. This is a nice idea.

    For your paper it will be important to be as analytical as possible in figuring out why users do not find current educational offerings fun, what draws users to the places that they go, etc. You will need to make a strong argument that the educational location that you propose creating will be different from previous failed attempts and will be able to attract users where others have failed. This is particularly important because you will not actually have time to create this new environment, so you will have to persuade your readers by reasoning alone that what you are proposing is really new and different.

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