Robyn Proto’s Research Podcast

My podcast is about doing research in Second Life.


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  1. Rebecca

    November 28, 2007 @ 12:05 pm


    Hi Robyn,

    Nice work on this podcast. It was creative to do it as a simulation of what will happen at your survey facility. This structure for the podcast does limit your ability to state the problem empathically for all stakeholders. You empathize fairly directly with researchers by indicating the advantages that come from using this system and by demonstrating for them the way in which the survey will be run. However, they have other concerns that are not raised (that you do raise in your topic worksheet) such as whether the results will be reliable, etc. A major one in my opinion is what the SL environment has to add over the web environment which can also provide ready subjects and anonymity. (One thing is the ability to pay easily.) But there is a lot more. The surveys need not just be a series of spoken questions and typed answers. There are many other kinds of responses that researchers might want to get from users in response to all kinds of cues, such as video, actual interaction with an object or avatar, other audio, etc. I hope that your project will explore the ways in which SL can allow researchers to conduct research that cannot easily be conducted in lab or web settings.

    In addition, the other stakeholders in this are those who will become the survey subjects. For them there is the enticement of the 5 lindens but there is also the question of whether the surveys will be too invasive or too time consuming or too boring. Your project should address this as well. Ideally, coming to participate in the surveys will be both interesting and financially rewarding. Participants will be able to know ahead of time how much personal information they are going to be expected to reveal. And how much time they will be expected to spend.

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