The Role of Art in Virtual Worlds – Mackie


In this audio file, I describe the empathetic argument I will be addressing in my paper. The topic is whether or not art (or graphics) is necessary to the long-term sustainability of a virtual community. The two sides of the argument will be exemplifed by LambdaMOO (the text interface) and Second Life (the graphic interface). In my paper I plan on citing the different roles that art has played in the development of civilization and society in real life and comparing and contrasting its role in virtual life to support my arguments.


Mike Pastore – “Live Music Performances in Virtual Worlds” – Empathic Argument


This is a short audio recording of my empathic argument explaining the topic of live music performances in virtual worlds that I will address in my final paper for E4: Virtual Worlds.


Presidential Elections in a Virtual Environment (RJP Magne)


Are presidential elections possible in a virtual world? In the future will we be looking at moving elections and/or the getting elected process to a virtualized setting as more techno savvy generations move into public discourse and policy?


Are Virtual Worlds real or a game? – Lisa Nichols


Second Life as a Social Environment /Kamini Zhora


In this podcast I question whether the appearance of my avatar has any significant impact on my experience in the virtual world, and if the social world environment can be viewed as a more perfect or a parallel universe. I plan to create an obese avatar to explore the virtual world, record her experiences, and draw her conclusions.

Kamini Undercover

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Hello Eon,

I hope you’re feeling better. This extract from Puccini’s Nesson Dorma (“Charlie sleeps”) is just for you.

Andy Abrahamson.


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My part of the project with music.


These podcasts were removed. sorry gang. 🙁

John’s Empathic Response Podcast


I wanted to address a couple of the posts on the wiki with a more empathic argument. Listen here.  Again, please feel free to visit the wiki and check out the discussions that are going on, here.

Thursday 7PM EST – Final Part 2


 Final Project Part II


 Final part II

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