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Posted on May 10th, 2011 by danielgarcia.
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I am endowed with an Associate’s Degree in Management and Business Administration from Santa Monica College, Bachelor’s Degree in Government from Harvard University, enough Economics classes for an additional degree, and no plans for any MBA’s or advanced degree in the near future.

I’ve enjoyed 7 years of experience working alongside a wide range of personalities and have developed a keen business sense for success in any challenging atmosphere. I savor problem solving, consulting, and finding new, better, and more efficient ways of handling amicable or adverse situations, customers, employees, and day to day operations at a leading company.

I am looking for a challenging managerial opportunity, lots of travel, many meetings, much action, presentations, engaging many employees and helping a company grow as much as my team and I can help it grow.

Personal Profile: facebook.com/dannytennis

Twitter handle: twitter.com/dannydelperu

Email:  danielgarcia at fas.harvard.edu

Non-Profit Peruvian Foundation Profile: facebook.com/peruscholarship

Non-Profit website: www.lajf.org




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