Duplicate Content is Not a Negative Ranking Factor? uhm

Duplicate Content is Not a Negative Ranking Factor? uhm:  This information, seems constrictive, but it explains a lot. Duplicate content does not count negatively against a site in terms of search rankings, says John Mueller of Google.

Duplicate Content is Not a Negative Ranking Factor

John Mueller of Google clarifies a misconception about duplicate content, saying it is not a negative search ranking factor.

Having the same content repeated on several pages is not something that would cause a site to rank lower in search results.

We have to pay attention, duplicate content on your site! Not with the competitors.

Mueller says it is normal for sites to have a certain amount of duplicate content. Google’s algorithms are built to handle this.

He approached this topic last week, but he was approached again during the office hours of Google’s SEO headquarters this week.

Duplicate content is a topic that appears regularly among SEOs, and is something that many professionals check when auditing a website.

Does it have an impact on search rankings? If so – to what extent?

That’s what Davor Bobek, manager of Blue Glacier, asks Mueller during office hours this week.

About Car parts

Bobek owns a website about car parts where descriptions of parts are repeated in several places. He wants to know if there will be a negative impact on the search results.

See Mueller’s answer below.

Google’s John Mueller on Duplicate Content
Mueller clarifies the misconception of the duplicate content, saying that it is not something that has a negative score associated with it.

If whole parts of a site’s content are duplicated, Google will rate one and not show the other. Multiple copies of the same page do not send negative rating signals.

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