Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings

Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings: Google’s John Mueller gives a general about answer why sites may lose rankings.

Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings

Google’s John Mueller gives a general about answer why sites may lose rankings.

Someone asked Google’s John Mueller why their site, successful for seven years, has lost keyword rankings. Mueller responded with four reasons why sites lose rankings.

I believe it will be a mistake to assume this is a comprehensive list of why sites lose rankings.

It’s probably best to understand them in the context in which the information was given, in an impromptu question and answer.

Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings

Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings

His explanation was a general overview and not necessarily a complete listing of reasons.

That said, the answers provide insights into why a site may have lost rankings and help start the process of formulating a recovery plan.

Nothing Wrong with the Site Yet Loses Rankings

  • Top Rankings Are Temporary
    • There’s a certain feeling that once a site is top ranked that it will continue to rank there. Mueller stated that rankings are essentially temporary.Mueller said:

      “In general, just because the site was appearing well in search results for a number of years does not mean that it will continue to appear well in search results in the future.


      These kinds of changes are essentially to be expected on the web, it’s a very common dynamic environment”

  • The Internet Changes All the Time
      • Almost everything on the web is constantly changing. Links to a site disappear. Competitors gain links. Content changes. New websites appear.These things and many more affect how relevant web pages are to search queries.

        This is how Mueller explained it:

    “On the one hand, things on the web change with your competitors, with other sites…”

  • Google’s Algorithm Changes
      • This is one of the reasons to explain dramatic changes in rankings. And it’s not like ranking factors change. When the algorithm changes it could be that Google is changing how it understands web pages.Several years ago, pages featuring top five lists seemed to dominate the search rankings. That might have been because of how Google understood web pages. Top five type pages were easier to understand.

        But that’s not happening anymore because the algorithms changed.

        This is what Mueller said:

    “On the other hand things on our side change with our algorithms in search.”

  • People Change
    • It’s important to always keep on top of user trends.Mueller’s answer:

      “And finally on the user side as well, the expectations change over time.

      So just because something performed well in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to perform well in search in the future.”

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