More on France, Children’s Rhymes

Another classic, this one taunting, for communication of a very specific message. It works best with two-syllable names stressed on the first, though you can accomplish wonders with a little syncopation. Not wishing to offend anyone, I’ll mock myself here, and just to be sure feelings aren’t hurt I’ll do it in an obviously untrue, purely exemplary manner (I am looking at a computer screen now!):

I see London, I see France,
I see Desi’s underpants!

I was delighted some months ago with an elaborated version of this, which my young niece knows:

I see London, I see France,
I see Desi’s underpants!
Not too big, not too small,
Just as big as Eastview Mall!

11 Responses to “More on France, Children’s Rhymes”

  1. Grant Says:

    My niece has been saying this as well, we are in Australia and I have no idea where she got it from. Small world

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  2. avis Says:

    i dont know but ive been told, a green grasshopper has a green butt hole.

  3. avis Says:

    once there was a elephant that tried to use the telaphant,,
    no no, i mean a elephone that tried to use the telephone,
    dear me , i am not cerntian quite that even no i have it right.

  4. avis Says:

    i love my weenie man
    he runs the hotdog stand
    he sells everything
    from weenies down
    one day in weenie life
    i’ll be his weenie wife
    hot dog!! , i love my weenie man

  5. Grant Says:

    Birdy Birdy,
    In the sky,
    What you doing in my eye,
    It tastes like sugar,
    It feels Like soup,
    Oh My God,
    Its birdy poop.

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