And now, alas, we bid our tale goodbye —
Shazam is safe, the end nowhere near nigh.
When all’s been said, why, what more shall I say?
With love, dear friends, I send you on your way.

10 Responses to “Finis”

  1. ezra Says:

    Holy Moley, I missed the show!
    Shazam got biz & I ain’t even know–
    The comic is pale, and the telling is elliptic,
    But still I wish that I hadn’t just skipt it!

  2. Desultor Says:

    You could check the back issues but you better look quick
    Cause “Userland Frontier” sucks lotsa dick
    And with this time bomb ticking ain’t nobody know
    When a broke-down server gonna end my show.
    Desultor out!

  3. ezra Says:

    There’s a couple other blog packages out there that you might try:

    I also heard that there’s a new version of Movable Type out, you might look into that:

    It’s free for personal use. But, if you don’t have your own server you might need a hosted service like pmachine or typepad.

    Whatever you decide, don’t stop the flow.

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