My Own Idea

Word # hits
onepeat 14
twopeat 517
threepeat 4460
fourpeat 454
fivepeat 39
sixpeat 13
sevenpeat 1
eightpeat 1
ninepeat 0
tenpeat 1
elevenpeat 1
twelvepeat 13
thirteenpeat 0
fourteenpeat 0
fifteenpeat 0
sixteenpeat 0
seventeenpeat 0
eighteenpeat 0
nineteenpeat 0
twentypeat 2
where n is a whole number
and n != 4,999,980
5 millionpeat 1

One will surely confess onepeat and twopeat to be, respectively, singularly and doubly astonishing.

Zeropeat does not occur. I hereby copyright the word and declare it to be a trademark of Desultor Inc. I also patent the idea of a verbal noun referring to the completion of an action zero times. That shit is not “pending” – it is an active patent. If you try to take food from my babies’ mouths, you will be dealt with forcefully.

16 Responses to “My Own Idea”

  1. ezra Says:

    Twopeat more common than fourpeat? I’m incredulous Has this result been peer-reviewed?

  2. a peer Says:

    I dispute that the uses of “OnePeat” as a user handle on the SaintsReport cummunity bulletin board should be counted as “usages” of language.

  3. jan12, the twelve-faced god Says:

    Certainly, twelvepeat is dodecadently astonishing.

  4. Desultor Says:

    Dear Ezra,
    It seems not to have done so well with you and our other peer. Dang! I tried to get pre-publication peer review going but that hasn’t been added to the software yet, I guess.

    Dear Peer,
    They’re “hits”, not “usages”. And I never called it “language” either. By the way, have you seen the livelily scholarly Language Log? It’s a great site.

    Dear Jan12,

  5. OnePeat Says:

    hahahaah…im onepeat…

    what are you guys debating here?

    it’s juat a play on words my man…we saints fans just want a one peat…we are far too pitiful a team to consider a repeat or a three-peat…

  6. OnePeat Says:

    hey wait…someones trying to patent my name???

    hahahaha…i have bumper stickers made and everything…blaH

  7. Moonpie Says:

    Stop humping goats

  8. Houston HOUDat Says:

    Lawyers are ghey.

  9. Houston HOUDat Says:

    Lawyers are ghey.

  10. Desultor Says:

    Hi Onepeat, glad to see you. Don’t worry, I don’t want to trademark your name. And I hope the Saints have better luck this year.

  11. Saintsfan Says:

    OnePeat the poster on SR is apoor excuse for a person.. you SHOULD sue him for use of your name..

  12. Saintsfan Says:

    OnePeat the poster on SR is a poor excuse for a person, you SHOULD sue him for use of your name..

  13. desultor Says:

    Shouldn’t y’all Saints fans be sticking together, not fighting?

    Best of luck to the team!

    Hugs and kisses,

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