Today’s Dishes

dishes october 31 2004

17 Responses to “Today’s Dishes”

  1. cynthia Says:

    thank you for the photos, dishblog.

  2. Desultor Says:

    No prob! Expect more!

  3. cynthia Says:

    did you use the squirt gun to rinse the dishes?

  4. Desultor Says:

    It’s actually an implement of feline behavior amelioration. Just ended up by the dishes is all.

  5. snjoseph Says:

    Hi David, I just wanted to say what a treat it was to see yet another set of pictures of your personal dish collection. It makes us all want to learn more about your real-life personality, your real-life Boston-area apartment, and your real-life girlfriend (who is, to my understanding, also your coworker at your real-life Genuity job). I am sure that, if you keep posting these wonderful pictures, more and more exciting personal information about you is sure to come out!

  6. Desultor Says:

    Hi snjoseph; thanks for your kind comments! I’m really glad so many people seem to love these dish pictures. It’s a surprising artistic success!

  7. Donna Wentworth Says:

    Indeed. The beauty of the dish rack has been long under-appreciated.

  8. Desultor Says:

    Well, if, as they say, one blogger is worth ten votes, how many critics is one worth?

    Donna, you said it exactly right; for far too long the beauty of dish racks has gone unsung.

    I must say I never expected this project to generate the heartfelt praise and, if I do say so myself, gratitude that I’m seeing flood in from all corners of the blogosphere. But now, I’m feeling amped up! I think that, with a lot of work from all of us, we’re in a position to leverage our power and change all that. To have dishes matter to everyone as much as they do to us. We can at least dream, right guys?

  9. ezra Says:

    More dishes! More!

  10. Tityrus Plex Says:

    More snjoseph! More!

  11. Desultor Says:

    I can promise more dishes at least – LOTS more!

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