My Pet Peeve

I hate it when credit card forms on web sites don’t accept spaces between the groups of digits. They are obviously valid characters, since they appear on the card itself.

8 Responses to “My Pet Peeve”

  1. Ezra Cooper Says:

    I hate that too.

    No good reason for it, except that programmers are trained to think rigidly.

  2. jared Says:

    it’s all about sanitizing the input before checking for incorrect formatting. I can’t imagine it’s too hard to remove some spaces from a CCN string.

    I like Ezra’s suggestion, except it discounts the (heavy, if not primary) role of work experience in “training” any professional developer. So either a lot of web UI work gets done by non-professional devs, or it gets done for managers who don’t really give a shit about the quality of the final product. I’d believe both are often in effect.

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