Complicated Change

I got the same thing at Donut Hill this morning as most. It comes to $3.51, so I took a penny from the Jimmy Fund box and gave the cashier $5.01. She said my change was one-fifty and handed me $5.50. I took it, then gave back the five and said, one-fity, right? At the same time, I pocketed one of the quarters I got back and dropped the other in the Jimmy Fund box. The cashier then gave me back a one and a five. I took the one, leaving her with the five in her hand. This she took back and, flustered, tried to hand me another one.

6 Responses to “Complicated Change”

  1. forex currency pairs Says:

    lol funny stuff rite there.. i wouldve kept the $5 though!

  2. bobby Says:

    The cashier obviously has graduated in Maths in Harvard 😀

  3. cindi Says:

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