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By popular request:

people are so stupid
apparently there’s some controversy
because not everything in david sedaris oeuvre is strictly true
which, duh
he’s not, like, a reporter
Jon Carroll thinks humorists require “latitude” to make things funny, a notion I find bogus. I find stories that are absolutely true—like the time one of my neighbors, dressed up to party on Saturday night, fell into a 55-gallon drum filled with human excrement and urine—the funniest.
i think that story would be funnier
if the lead character was writing an article about why all humor should be strictly true
and his chair tipped over into that bucket
but i guess that didn’t really happen

13 Responses to “Wherein Desultor Blogs IM”

  1. Mrilyn Parr Says:

    I have a similiar story told by my Mother.

    My Aunt was all dressed and awaiting her date to pick her up. They were cleaning up after dinner, it was dark out and she insisted the garbage be taken out immediately before her date arrived. Therefore, she stepped outside with garbage in-hand and fell in the septic hole which was being repaired by her brothers.

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