But it’s January, guys!

Nice and warm, and I wonder if it might be blowing the birds’ minds.

Yesterday I heard a house finch in full song on the parking garage across the street from work.

And today, a cardinal doing the “Feww, feww, wheat wheat wheat wheat” business!

10 Responses to “But it’s January, guys!”

  1. desultor Says:

    Heard and saw some robins doing some of their chatter yesterday, but still nary a song. Except a little bit from those cute li’l juncoes.

  2. desultor Says:

    House finch in song today! L. called me to say that she’d heard one, and I was like, OMG, me too! I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like maybe he wasn’t in full breeding plumage yet – he looked a little drab.

  3. desultor Says:

    First cardinal of the year today (apart from the ones which have been making their gym-shoe squeak sound all winter). It was doing the fwitt-fwitt-fwitt-[descending trill] song.

  4. desultor Says:

    First mockingbird of the year was yesterday, along with a blue jay doing its “crushing a handful of nutshells” call.

  5. desultor Says:

    First unambiguous robin I heard, doing the tweedle-dum tweedle-dee stuff, was last night. And this morning – wonderful! – a song sparrow on my back fence in Somerville. His song didn’t seem fully developed – maybe a juvenile? It was sort of hesitant and experimental, and didn’t start with the usual strong high “Maids Maids” notes.

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