3,500 books


I  always thought the point of having that many books (who actually has that many books) was so people coming to your home can see how pretentious you are. How can I show my pretentiousness with a Kindle!

That darn cat got in the way again


Why is it when a mountain lion treks 1,500 miles  across America, which by all accounts is extremely rare, and then gets hit and killed by a Hyundai SUV and not by hunger or disease, that the article concludes that we still have a lot to learn about the mountain lion and not ourselves!? Its time for a new perspective people.

On the road again…dont know when I'll be home again…


My Cousin Vinny!


From what I hear after watching My Cousin Vinny for the 3rd time I must be ready for HLS.

I just watched the Paper Chase as well. Now I know I’m ready!!!


Hello world!


That is- the world that is Harvard.