Respect for privacy is not so bad in Chile.


It is not a secret that the security agencies in the world are nourished by mobiles phones and CCTV cameras to monitor people, among other devices. In an article in the Washington Post that I read recently, they perfectly describe how the process works with the cell phones, and it is scary.…)

It is true that many people do not want to know how the system works to provide security for millions of civilians. They just want to live quietly, or apparently calm. However, it still seems to me quite worrying the gradual acceptance of the police state that wants to control everything.

Having lived the last two years outside of my country. My impression is that in countries like the USA or the UK, surveillance increases every year, mainly by tracking via mobile phones and by using CCTV cameras. In London, it is impossible to walk without seeing how cameras surround one in all directions. How did that happen? Will it be cultural? Will it be part of the problems of the first world ?. In this sense, the USA patriot act of 2001 is a good example of these effects.

In countries like Chile (my country), national security is not such a relevant issue in society. Maybe because we live at the end of the world. Perhaps because we do not have potential threats of terrorism. Maybe because we do not have a budget. For any of those reasons, the use of CCTV cameras is not as widespread. In the case of cell phones, it is complicated to follow someone or hear calls without judicial authorisation. In this way, although Chile does not come from a culture of individual liberties, laws that give more control to the police have not been passed in Congress.

How have some countries got here? Probably, it is culturally accepted as a security measure to combat crime and terrorism in some countries more than in others. Perhaps, like frogs in a hot hole, citizens have not realized how security agencies can monitor their lives and have become accustomed. Moreover, it is interesting to see this phenomenon that countries are founded on individual liberties.

The essential problem is the weakening of civil liberties since in the future we can even fear to express our ideas or go to certain places for fear or protection, for example, demonstrations against the government.

It is not healthy to live in a Society where the State has such broad powers to monitor us. As citizens, we should be more concerned about these issues and organise against laws that reduce our fundamental civil liberty, including that of expression. Security and constitutional freedoms can coexist in harmony.




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