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An upcoming edition of PBS Frontline on “Growing Up Online” will feature Berkman Fellow danah boyd sharing her expertise on how young people are using the internet. The website explains, “In ‘Growing Up Online,’ FRONTLINE peers inside the world of this cyber-savvy generation through the eyes of teens and their parents, who often find themselves on opposite sides of a new digital divide. From cyber bullying to instant ‘Internet fame,’ to the specter of online sexual predators, FRONTLINE producer Rachel Dretzin investigates the risks, realities and misconceptions of teenage self-expression on the World Wide Web.”

danah comments: “You have a generation faced with a society with fundamentally different properties thanks to the Internet… We can turn our backs and say, ‘This is bad,’ or, ‘We don’t want a world like this.’ It’s not going away. So instead of saying that this is terrible, instead of saying, ‘Stop MySpace; stop Facebook; stop the Internet,’ it’s a question for us of how we teach ourselves and our children to live in a society where these properties are fundamentally a way of life. This is public life today.”

This episode will air on January 22nd at 9PM on PBS. You can stream the trailer at Frontline’s website, and the entire program will be posted after it airs. To learn more about danah’s work and Berkman’s project on how young people use the internet, visit the Digital Natives webpage and blog, and be sure to check out danah’s apophenia blog.

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