Great Read #1 : Unstuck

Subtitle: A Tool for Yourself, Your Team, and Your World

Authors: Keith Yamashita & Sandra Spataro


This is a Great Read because it provides a quick and easily digested process for working your way out of any problem.Sure, the focus is on organizational problems, but the steps are intuitive and the breadcrumbs are well defined. The authors take the reader as found and walk through what to do if you’re at identified junctures in your stuck-ness.

Which of the “serious seven” have ever applied to you in the middle of a mediation??

  1. overwhelmed
  2. exhausted
  3. directionless
  4. hopeless
  5. battle-torn
  6. worthless
  7. alone

The answer for most of us is “all of the above”! It’s a cute little book, a little larger than a big index card and something you can take with you and use to recharge on a break!

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