Books for Review

Here is a list of books that I would love to have independently reviewed. Please feel free to suggest others.

There’s no limit to the number of reviews, so please feel free to register and post your thoughts either as longer posts or commentary on someone else’s thoughts.
I will try to note here reviews already published as the blog grows. I will also try to always have at least 3 links to help you in your review.
Please remember only that the focus of this blog is the mediator at impasse (as opposed to impasse between parties to conflict) and whatever you have to offer should be fine!
Thank you so much for your participation!!

Amazon Author(s) Title Review Date(s) Helpful Links(s)
Butler, Timothy Getting Unstuck 1,2,3
_________ Unstuck 1,2,3
_________ _________ 1,2,3
_________ _________ 1,2,3
_________ _________ 1,2,3
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