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Free Review Copies of Culturally Sensitive Conflict Style Inventory


Submitted By: Ron Kraybill

Free Review Copies of Culturally Sensitive Conflict Style Inventory

English and Spanish versions available

Riverhouse ePress announces the release of free review copies in English or
Spanish of Style Matters: The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory. The
inventory is a recently developed five-styles-of-conflict inventory used by
mediators, organizational consultants, and conflict resolution trainers
worldwide to teach personal conflict resolution skills.

Like the widely-used Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and a number
other inventories, Style Matters is based on the Mouton-Blake Grid. However
Style Matters adds a unique feature making the instrument culturally

Users as diverse as the Canadian Defense Force, a law school in Australia,
and numerous state and federal agencies have adopted Style Matters.

The 22 page instrument sells for $3.95 per copy in quantities of one hundred
or more. A free trainers’ guide is available on the web. Trainers and
consultants may request a free review copy in PDF form, by sending a note
indicating their organizational affiliation to
 StyleMattersOffer at RiverhouseEpress.co…. A link to download a PDF file will
be forwarded in response.

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