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Resource: Beyond Intractability


Chances are you know about this resource,– but in case you don’t: it’s invaluable.

The website is called Beyond Intractability and “I put this moment here” (to quote Kate Bush) so I don’t forget to go back and read more of the fantastic resources available.

Here’s the “Topics discussed” section, to give you an idea of the breadth available:

Topics Discussed

The modules in this knowledge base are split between theoretical topics and practical topics. Among the theoretical essays are discussions of

  • what we mean by the term “intractable,” and
  • what makes some conflicts intractable while others are not (basically, what causes intractability),
  • what causes escalation (several essays),
  • what identity groups are and why they matter,
  • what is meant by the concept of “ripeness,”
  • what is meant by justice and how it can be obtained (several essays), etc.

Among the practical topics are:

  • Negotiation strategies and tactics (lots of essays!),
  • Mediation of intractable conflicts (several essays on different approaches),
  • Dialogue,
  • Cultural considerations (5 essays),
  • Peacekeeping,
  • Peacemaking, and
  • Peacebuilding strategies (lots of essays!), etc.

The full list of essays can be found in the Browse system.

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