Season’s Greetings …


Merry Christmas & Happy 2006!!!

— Unique X-mas tree at HSBC plaza in Shanghai

More memorable moments from past and present:

1) Harvard Commencement 2004

With some of my blockies:

With mom in the Yard . . .

In Quincy House Courtyard (mostly) . . .


At HardRock Cafe in Boston with Amy TTZ and her parents:


2) California Winter!  — an oxymoron??

At Santa Monica (2004)


My 8-day Shanghai trip in June of 2004 was definitely unforgettable …

1) With Grandma … Don’t we look alike?!

With Grandma Shanghai04(2):

2) With three of my cousins

3) Wow… who is this shuai-ge/leng-jai/stud?? 😛

4) With Uncle …

5) At Gong1 De2 Ling2 (signature vegetarian cuisine!! No, the bamboo is not edible …) — be sure to check out their Chinglish menu … 😛


Ah … Nostalgia over fair Hahhvvaaad (haha j/k). Missing college dearly, nevertheless:

1) Senior Soiree — with (most of) my blocking group in the Quincy Courtyard right before dinner

Million $ Question: Which blockmate wore my Quincy Spring Formal dress to this dance??  (hehe … see #3 below)

2) With my NYC roommates right before the Soiree:

3) Quincy House Spring Formal — Dining at Upstairs on the Square (YUUUMMMYY!!!) 

4) Just can’t get enough of Upstairs on the Square (dragged Yue there for brunch … and it worked becuz she sold her soul 1 yr later… haha j/k):

Yue_Qin Upstairs:

5) Can you believe that these were poses for my Yearbook photo?? Guess which one my mom picked …

6) Fun with Mickey!!!

At Disneyland with Steph (study buddy & best friend from elementary school):

Pretending to be Cinderella on my BDay at Walt Disney World:

HMmmmm … doesn’t quite look right eh?? Guess that rules out one option for Halloween 😛

7) I miss MUSIC!!!!! Vocal, instrumental, Mando/Canto Pop, Classical, Karaoke, etc etc etc

With Gloria & Diana at the MIHNUET Blacktie Recital (Feb 04):


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