NYC busybee … OC slacker at heart . . .

Long time no visit, my fair Hahhvvvaadd weblog … notice my jettisoning of your pretentious Crimson theme … and adoption of the very qinqin color — violet!! yes, this enigmatic gypsy-esque hue that floods my wardrobe!! 

The title tells all . . . let’s all hang in there, guys!!

I propose a bi-weekly NYC restaurant/bar sampling . . . an excellent excuse to dodge staffing, no? muhahahaHA 😛 Supporters/advocates — please email me your preference list 🙂

A snapshot of the past year:

1) moved to Midtown East, right near the United Nations (stamp souvenir from UN visit with family):

“UN stamp_resized”


2) My birthday dinner back in January (roommate JK and blockmate TIH):


3) Visited Napa Valley (Wine County USA) and Solvang (cutest Danish settlement in America, featured below):


4) My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to JH (and EK) — i’m so happy for u (w/ JH in Orlando, previous birthday):


5) One of my entertainment industry idols — Xu Jinglei — The most talented young Chinese director/producer/actress … beautiful, down-to-earth & intelligent … so much better than the overrated Zhang Ziyi:


6) What will 2005/2006 bring? I can only rely on fate . . . one thing for certain — “Vivian” will be more official . . . sigh… soon to be a citizen of the cultural hodge-podge nation 





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