Invisible Faces, Invisible Places

December 31st, 2008

This colleague of mine is well prepared – fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tarp, heavy wool blanket, synthetic fill quilt. Organized. He makes camp after the homeful have left for the night and is up before the homeful come in the morning. I was a little later on New Year’s Day. I saw him breaking camp. We must be invisible to the homeful.

The homeful let a lot of us sleep late on New Year’s Day. That’s a luxury. Usually, if your sleep get’s screwed up – by the weather, some ruckus among colleagues, or the ire of the homeful – there’s no way to get caught up until the next night, if then. There are those among the homeful who will feed us, but no one will let us sleep during daylight – except on a holiday.

Sleeping upright on the main landing of the Harvard Square T station

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